Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Mom Song

This is how I am to LP...and I'm actually relieved that most other moms are like this, too.

Courtesy of some colleagues from work, who all happen to be single and below 25.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

LP gets whipped.

And it hurt. Ouch.

It just had to happen, and on promotion day, at that. She may have been the best and most aggressive yellow-belter in her taekwondo class, but her skills were peanuts compared to this (slightly) bigger and older (by one year) boy who sparred against my LP.

Andolini summed it up: You could see fear in her eyes. Omigod...and I thought she only feared me. LP was never one to be intimidated by just another kid, until now.

At any rate, she did get her promotion to high-yellow.

Oh, well, she's got chess to fall back on.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

LP's Holy Week

Call me silly, but even after the hate e-mail that circulated a few months ago about Ark of Avilon, I figured LP was in some way heir to the throne of Slytherin and therefore less of a target of an albino python's bite.

For lack of enjoyable things to do (it was, after all, Holy Week), we trooped on to the (in)famous petting zoo Saturday. At 200 bucks per person, it wasn't so bad. (It sure beats driving to the boonies of Montalban to see their zoo.)

LP had a blast feeding the animals. Ten bucks got her two string beans for the sheep. Another ten bucks got her a small carrot for the bunnies. Another ten bucks got her chickenfeed, literally. Expensive gulay, yes. LP's big toothy smile? Priceless.

She got a big kick out of feeding sheep, and so did I. Those animals are smarter than I thought.

And here's the snake princess with her most trusted adviser: